Huge Fun at the Sumo Wrestling Tournament…Get it?!

Hey all, I’m going to be extremely brief today because I need to go pack my things for our trip to Kyoto and Hiroshima tomorrow morning! Today we headed down to the eastern part of the city just south of Asakusa to watch an absolutely epic Sumo Wrestling Tournament. Life has really become meaningful once you’ve spent 5 hours of it watching enormously fat men slam into each other with blinding speed and crushing force while their fat rolls jiggle with every step. Jokes aside, the event was actually incredibly exciting to watch. Following a very formal “marching-in” ceremony of sorts, sets of four wrestlers entered the stadium and took seats around the hard sand ring. Once the announcement for the bout was made via a chanting man in a kimono, the two combatants took their places on opposite sides of the ring and began their warmup. The only rule in sumo wrestling is that the match can only begin once both wrestlers have their fists on the ground at the same time, other than that, anything goes. In order to get the upper hand in the match, the wrestlers will use various techniques to psych out his opponent by something like placing a single hand on the ground and hover the other one barely off the ground before standing back up and walking away. Another often used technique was to throw a rice powder aggressively across the ring as what appeared to be a show of dominance.

Wrestlers Gear Up With a Opening Performance

Wrestlers Gear Up With a Opening Performance

The most exciting part of the whole tournament came when a man who was clearly the crowd favorite stepped into the ring for his bout. The crowd was going crazy shouting his name and chanting as he triumphantly pounded his chest and hurled the white powder through the air yelling and making wild arm gestures. Our group was all on the edge of their seats as the wrestlers took their places to begin. With a loud grunt the two behemoths collided in a mix of face-smashing and body blows. The crowd’s champion fought hard, but in a surprise move, was straight-up tossed out of the ring by his opponent to seal his loss.

Two Fighters Locked in Battle

Two Fighters Locked in Battle

The rest of the day was taken up by traveling and getting prepared for our big trip tomorrow which I now muc end my post early to finish getting ready for. Chances are about 95% that I will not have internet for at least tomorrow night, but I’m hoping to have some information to share by Wednesday evening (my time). I’m extremely excited to see the world peace monument at Hiroshima…I can barely imagine how moving it will be to see in person.

Until I return,



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