May 11th: Day 0

Well I finally have arrived at the point where I’m ready to fly off. Having packed what seems like way too much into a giant dufflebag, said goodbye to all of my friends and family, and resigned myself to the fact that I’m about to experience the most tiring 48 hours of my life, I am finally ready to just do this thing! This is just a quick entry to let everyone reading this (friends and family mostly) that I will be doing my best to Blog from this site daily on what I am doing, pictures, videos, etc. while I’m over in Japan trying to keep myself together. I’ll be dropping this Link onto my Facebook account as well as Emailing it out to those of you who haven’t joined the world yet! I thought a little glimpse of some of the places I’ll be going to in the next two weeks might be an appropriate first step to this adventure so here you go :-). First off, I’ll be staying at Bunkyo University Bunkyo which is a private school much like CSB/SJU. The school is one of the many around the world Saint John’s and Saint Ben’s has an affiliation with,  and we have an exchange program with them, if I’m not mistaken, that sends some of their students to Minnesota every year (don’t quote me on that one). Moving on, looks like when we arrive in the Narita airport (it’s actually quite a ways out of Tokyo we’ll be taking a train in) we’ll be headed to the university and to what will most likely be a swift “passing-out.” Wednesday is looking like we’ll be attending a welcome party for our group with students and faculty from Bunkyo (more details that day obviously!), and exploring the nearby area. I don’t want to give too much away right now, but I promise to do my best to keep you all up to speed on this exciting adventure! So for now I am off to stuff my computer into my backpack and enjoy one more brisk walk around the neighborhood before spending a full day in an aluminum tube. All the best, ~~Pat

5 Responses to “May 11th: Day 0”

  1. Rose Young Says:

    have a great trip! It’s a long one but the journey is part of the adventure. Buckle up for Tokyo! Weather is warm and getting humid. Stand by to arrive in a combination of”Blade Runner” and Hello Kitty – with fantastic food and amazing sights.
    See you soon

  2. Meredith Says:

    Hey!! Left you a message sunday night but i dontknow if u got it! anywayyyy! good luck over there!! my lil baby’s all grown up and saving china..well in this case japan..a lil mulan action for you…i’m just sitting in boring natick play super nintendo while you’re off galavanting around bigge..any way have a BLASTTTT! miss you already! ❤
    the b

  3. Rose Young Says:

    Sounds like you hit the ground running! Im in Aomori (north japan) at the moment but back in Tokyo on saturday night. Give me a call or e-mail me and we can plan a night out in Shinjuku..
    Have fun

    • pbitty Says:

      Sounds great Rose! I’ll be getting in touch with you Saturday evening to try and plan something for sure!

  4. ken Says:

    I take it those are EXTRA LARGE Huggies on the Sumu guys?!?!

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